Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Introduction – Keymer & Hassocks FC


With the help of a custom league database available on the internet, this is perhaps the ultimate football manager journey to the top as Keymer and Hassocks FC are the lowest playable team in the largest one country database. They play their football all the way down in the Mid Sussex Football League Division 10, that’s level 23 of the English league system.

And yes that is the actual badge of an actual football team albeit an amateur one, a very amateur one.

I won’t bore you with their club history…   …because they don’t have any. Nothing that is publicly available or of any significance anyway. This is because they are a pub team (clue’s in the title).

On the badge you can see the real life established date of 2003, but in the game database their date founded is 2015 so from here the idea spawned.

The pub team has folded  due to lack of funding. However a few ambitious former members of the pub team have noticed a lack of youth activities in the area and lack of money flow into the area. So teamed with their love of football, they set out to build the  club that the area needs and their passion for the game desires, always remembering the community spirit of their pub team roots.

Also check out Haighyorkie’s great youtube series that gave me the initial idea to use this team if you’d like:

English Lower League to Level 23 database can be found at:


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