Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 1 – Pitch? Yes. Anything else? erm…


So we have no coaching badges but plenty of Sunday league football experience, ambition and passion.

And that must be what they were looking for so we’re in, we got the job!

The board of three of the old team’s players is headed by Chairman Danny Dodd (Randomly generated and slightly scary looking) who is now paying me the colossal wage of…

…wait for it…

…£0 p/w (I suppose we’re going to have to make money for living on some other way, or get those promotions coming thick and fast). But we are an amateur team so that’s fine.


I told you he was quite scary looking

And on that amateur note, we have a stadium called Adastra Park which if we’re honest is just a pitch. It has a capacity of 1,000, which I think means that there’s space for 1,000 people to stand on the remaining grass around the pit

ch. But we have the lowest rated training and youth facilities, limited youth recruitment (at least there is some), about £2,000 in the bank, oh yeah and NO PLAYERS.

Of course we’re building the club from the ground up, quite literally, so that’s how it should be but now we have a whole load of browsing and scouting to do….. ahhhhhh yeah forgot to mention, no scouts either.

But no bother (sort of) as we can just hire one for free as with all amateur contracts. Or the only scout available to us and our meager reputation can reject us before even negotiating because he wants a paid contract which we aren’t allowed to offer. Anyway, we eventually hire a coach with decent judging ability and potential stats and begin to go about our business.

The (hopefully) more interesting events of which and the chosen players to pioneer this fresh faced club are coming up next time…

I hope you join me


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