Through the Youth Academy, First Steps in the Senior Team

Firstly, an explanation of the post title…

I have been an avid player of the football manager series since the 2012 iteration and of sports gaming since I was still in short trousers but this is the first blog I have done on the subject. The enjoyment in football manager, for me, comes mainly in the incredible stories and journeys that can be made and also in the realism of tweaking and managing systems on and off the pitch.

In this blog, I will mainly follow the careers of me and the managers in my saves. Some will be amazing journeys, be it journeys up the leagues and up the reputation standings or across the footballing globe. Some will involve dedication to a club, in a mission to bring them as much success as possible and to create as much affinity and attachment between readers and the whole club through great characters, crucial & tense moments and lively reporting on the general ups and downs of a virtual football club.

And any tips, tricks, tactics and theories discovered along the way will of course be imparted in posts as well.

I hope you ‘buy a season ticket’ (although it’s free obviously) and keep checking in to enjoy the content.


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