Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 2 -Fresh Faces

After finally employing a scout who was actually trained as a coach, badly trained as a coach, I started to bring in some players capable of kicking off our ascent of the leagues.

Signing a whole team means a lot of transfers and here’s what it looks like…


And as you can see, there’s a scroll bar on side so that’s not even a comprehensive list of all the players. But I won’t Bore you describing every single player, I’ll describe a few players I believe (and hope) to be important players.

I will post a full squad list with their respective positions at some point if people are interested.

Tom Beadle: 20 year old all round solid keeper. Poor throwing is his only real weakness, which isn’t a real problem as you’ll see when I go through the tactics at a later point.

Joe Obersteller: 20 year old right back. Solid player with nothing special but has great leadership so is a possible long serving captain.

Jack Uttridge: 20 year old central defender already with good ability and still with plenty of potential.

Nathan Koo-Boothe: 31 year old centre back. Very tall (196cm) and great strength and heading attributes.

Greg Hackett: Another young player. Winger with not the best ability (according to useless assistant manager) but has great crossing quality and can run and run and run.

Olu Akinsanya: 21 year old centre forward. Tall with extremely good strength and heading attributes. Poor anticipation but hopefully won’t be too much to his detriment at this level.

Elliot Hogan: 18 year old good all round striker, including finishing. Also fairly tall and good with his head as well as on the ground.

I hope to see you back next time for a look through this season’s tactics and some actual preseason action!


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