Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 6 – A Little Mid-season Assessment

2062002591This is just a quick post based around the ‘Team Report’ page which I’m using as a brief mid-season review of the effectiveness of the tactics, which players are having the most impact and what are our weaknesses etc…


The most noticeable aspect is the ‘Most Vulnerable To Facing’ stat in the top right. As you can see, even the formation that we are most vulnerable to has only created 1 clear cut chance in 119 minutes against us. And I think that’s pretty damn good.

Although you can also see that we have conceded 9 goals and these two stats together imply that we are conceding from half chances and defensive mistakes or lapses in concentration. This is definitely something I’ve noticed but really you would expect defensive errors at this level of football.

Moving on to the effectiveness of our formation and firstly, we have scored more goals than we have conceded so we must be doing something right. But deeper into it than that the image shows the ‘Most Common Assist Type’ as crosses which is very satisfying as this is how our tactics were designed to work.  Apparently the left wing has been providing the most assists but in the bottom corner it states which players are providing the most assists and Greg Hackett is my right winger and Olu Akinsanya is my supporting target man which is a little bit confusing. However I have seen Greg Hackett provide a number of assists by crossing so clearly our crossing game is working well from both sides of the pitch.

Whilst on the subject of crossing, that is also shown to be the method that we are conceding the most goals by. To be honest I’m not quite sure why this is the case and both of my centre backs are tall enough, strong enough and good enough in the air. So maybe the full backs aren’t stopping the crosses effectively but these are also good players so perhaps it is only due to us spending most of the match on the front foot and we are sometimes getting caught on the counter attack. But as we are still playing well and scoring I don’t think it’s worth tweaking the tactics as the players are still fairly unfamiliar with them at this stage anyway.

The player stats at the bottom show fairly comprehensively who the key players are so far. Elliot Hogan is definitely doing the business up front. Unfortunately because of the amateur contracts, he is going to be a tough player to keep hold of and fight off the interest from bigger clubs. But as long as he keeps scoring in the meantime, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I hope the back end of the season continues to bring success and that you join me for it…


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