Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 10 – What About The Cup?


You will have seen on the schedule screenshot in the last post that we won in the Tester Challenge Cup Semi-Final 6-2 against Fairwarp II, which in itself was a great results and a great game. But it also put us into the Final, which was an even better spectacle if a bit tense to watch…Tester Challenge Cup Final in detail

As it was a fairly low profile cup, the setting was actually the very glamorous surroundings of our home stadium. But on the plus side, the match drew a massive crowd of 420 which certainly benefited our finances.


It was certainly a close run thing and actually a great match for the neutrals (to use a slightly painful footballing cliche). Arguably we were lucky to win looking at the match stats but on that point, we have been easily the best team throughout the competition but for some reason we didn’t perform like we can on the day of the final. Although their heavily centre focused formation could’ve been a weakness of our formation and might be something to analyze in the future.

But thanks to two goals, one in extra time, on his senior debut from Jack Cook sealed us the match and brought us home the cup! And he only started because of injuries to both of our starting strikers.

And another tip for people trying a similar challenge, the prize money for the league is £0 but winning the cup brings £10k, although it’s worth noting that the only prize money is from winning the cup, nothing else up to that point. £10k is a lot of money for a club at this level but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth putting the effort into the cup.

Next time we find out whether we can hold on to our key players, or any of our players over the close season…


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