Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 9 – Slightly Ambitious Attempt to Build Suspense

2062002591We are now through the back end of the first season and you’ve already seen that we’re already guaranteed promotion to the Mid Sussex Football League Division 9. But did we win the league…


As you can see, I arranged some friendly in between our last few fixtures and at the end of the league season and I’ll come back around to explaining that in a few moments.

Another thing you may have noticed is that we have been unbeaten this season, which I suppose kind of brings the attempt at creating some suspense to a halt.


So yes, it would be pretty unlucky to go through a whole season unbeaten and not win the league and there we go, we are champions! Admittedly only of a league at level 23 of the English football pyramid, but still champions.

Now back to the friendlies, which actually is a tip for any of you trying a similar career down at the bottom of the league structure.

As an amateur club, often the gate receipts outweigh the main expenditure which is wages (as you aren’t paying any wages) so throughout the season you mostly make a small profit each month. However, gate receipts and match day income are the only real source of income at this level, so if you’re not playing matches you’re not getting any income. And with maintenance, you soon begin the lose money. So although the friendlies only draw small crowds as the teams that are available at this point in the season are only of similar reputation but the money is enough to put the club into profit again.

And that brings the first league season to a close…


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