Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 12 -Season 1 Finances


In the last post I wrote a small paragraph on finances in leagues that are at such a low level as the one we are currently in and I will expand on that paragraph in a whole separate tips & tricks post so look out for that.

But in this post, I will just go into a bit more detail specifically about the first seasons finances here at Keymer & Hassocks FC…


I would say we’ve had a pretty good season in terms of money as well as achievement this season. Like I mentioned in the previous post, the £10k prize money from the cup was very beneficial, making up almost half of our profit for the season but the small amount of profit each month added up in the end to £14k which is a good start to the finances. We could be in a very good position if we can keep the small profits coming and as you can see, it all adds up.

as I have said before, gate receipts have been the main source of income so whether or not as we move up the leagues, we get a noticeable increase in attendance. But despite the annoyance of losing players because of the amateur contracts, I am planning to resist applying for semi-professional status as long as possible in order to maximize the club’s bank balance before I have to start paying out player and staff wages.The other thing is that our stadium will almost certainly not meet the requirements of some of the higher leagues so we will have to spend some serious money on that at some point, so building up a big buffer of cash will hopefully help us avoiding taking out a massive bank loan or at least reducing the amount of the bank loan needed. Time will tell if that plan works out.

Transfer news is coming in thick and fast so keep an eye our for update posts on that coming soon…


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