Pub Team to manger’s Dream Part 13 – A Flurry of Transfer Bids…


…for our best players. Is the ending to the sentence in the post title.

As I predicted earlier on in the season, many of our players have been subject to bids from bigger and mostly semi-professional teams with their attractive wage paying contracts.

So here is the news on that up to this point…

FM23.pngWe lost our best centre back, who at 21 years old also had a lot of potential.


FM24.pngWe held onto superstar striker Elliot Hogan as he rejected a lot of offers from other teams…

FM25.pngBut that couldn’t last, after all he did score 22 goals this season and 15 goals in 16 games in the league. And I suppose a wage of £250 p/w instead of £0 p/w is a no brainer…

…He still could’ve shown a bit more loyalty after we got his career back on track after he was released.

Unfortunately I don’t think these will be the only big names or fan favourites to leave this summer either as there are a huge number of bids in progress on other players. Keep an eye out for further updates….


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