Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 14 – Has The Looting Finished yet?


Before I go on and into more detail on our transfer window, I’m going to invite you to take a guess at how many players we have lost to bigger clubs over this transfer period. As I am writing this we are actually in November and players on amateur contracts can be signed at any point during the extended free transfer period. So how many do you think have gone?FM30.png

Yeah, a lot. And the scroll bar indicates that there are even more that couldn’t fit on the screen. In fact it was 21 players in total that left the club.

So I’ll go into a bit more detail as to which of these were important players…

As you saw in the last post, Jack Uttridge and Elliot Hogan were our key centre back and Striker respectively but also in those positions, Nathan Koo-Boothe was our other first team centre back and Louis Ezewele and Taylor Roles were our best back ups. And in the striker position, Olu Akinsanya was also in the first team and Greg Ngoyi was one of our best back ups.

So in two key areas of the pitch, all our first choice players have left for bigger clubs. As if that wasn’t enough, to complete the loss of the spine of the team, central midfield was also ravaged. First choice players Sonnie Low, Connor Leon and Lee Browning have gone, with Lee Browning only staying for about 3 months as he was a players I picked up towards the end of last season in preparation for this mass exodus.

And it goes on… As  our tactic is focused around crossing, wingers are very important. So guess what? Our first choice players in this position have also been stolen by bigger clubs. Namely Josh Rees from the right side and Elliot Payne from the left.

So the rebuilding began and actually it gave me the chance to bring in some great players that I am excited to see in action. But to stop this post from being too long winded and boring, I will do a separate post on inward transfers and go into some detail for the players that I am looking forward to seeing if they live up to expectations.

That post will hopefully be coming very soon after this one and I hope you check in and take a look….


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