Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 15 – Replacements

2062002591You will have seen from the last post that a huge number of players left the club over the summer to chase their dreams at higher levels and that means that we’ve had to bring in a huge number of replacements, and for reasons I will go into deeper in a separate tips and tricks post, this may turn out to be fairly good in terms of squad personality.

But anyway, on to the new faces…


In my opinion, the most important new player is the one at the top, who I actually brought in before our players began to be lured away. David Rainford is a centre midfielder with 20 leadership and generally is an incredibly mentally gifted player. Of course this has come with age and he is 37 years old and is struggling physically with stamina and quickness which is to be expected. My main reason for bringing him in is to give the mainly young and inexperienced team a strong leader as well as someone that can act as a great tutor for younger players with potential. So we’ll be trying to get as many seasons out of him as possible.

Young centre back Lamce Shehaj and the more experienced Tom Parkinson are solid replacements for the two first team centre backs that we lost. Although not of quite as high of a standard, I think they can still perform well for us.

Bojan Tetek was also bought before he loss of players as he is a young keeper with tonnes of potential and as we lost Tom Beadle, he became our first choice keeper for the initial friendlies. He performed well but whilst scouting about for players, I found James Bransgrove who had similar potential but better current ability and on an amateur contract it was definitely worth bringing him in to take the number 1 jersey.

To replace both the first team strikers of last season, I brought it James Lemon and Dan Perry amongst lower quality backup players. But I was struggling to find a good target man to be the aim for our crossing game. Then I remembered a player called Jordan Nuttell who I had been keeping an eye on for a while to bring in to play CB but he was also a natural in the striker position. He had rejected us a few times but having seen him join a new club also on an amateur contract, I wondered if his loyalty had been broken so I sent out a speculative approach. He signed it and we had found our target man for the coming season.

One last gem to mention is Lewis Morgan at CM. His current ability is adequate for a starting line up place but having bought slightly better players, he currently acts as a bench impact player. However, he has made substitute appearances in most matches up to this point. His potential is the maximum that can be shown for our squad ability and so if he can be held onto could develop nicely for us and hopefully become a leading first team player.

That was slightly less concise I was hoping but I feel it’s good to introduce players and share some key information on them to give them a sense of personality and so that the names mean something when you see them in future posts. You might even want to sign them for yourself on similar careers.

Anyhow, next time we’ll see a summary of preseason and a progress report on the competitive season. Bring on level 22 and the Mid Sussex Football League Division 9…


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