Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 17 -Bit of Bad News


Providing the board haven’t decided to do anything stupid financially or we’ve had an argument and have been given the sack, there’s only one obvious category for bad news to fall into.

Yes it’s back to the good old amateur contracts causing trouble again.

Time to take your bets as to who it is this time. The clue is that it is of course someone who was beginning to be a prominent player and was mentioned in the last post…


Another super striker seals a move to a bigger club. We’re definitely getting rejected youth players and players that are down on their luck having failed at other clubs back into the game and giving them second chances. Hopefully these footballing good deeds will be repaid with some good luck in the future when we need it.

And at the point when he left, he had 16 goals in 15 games (league and cup) so it’s not really surprising that he caught the attention from the higher leagues although it’s still a disappointing loss.

As I’ve mentioned before though, I’ve made sure to have a decent sized under 21s squad (and under 18s since the first seasons youth intake) so I am going to give an opportunity to some of the strikers from the reserve squad before spending time trawling the free agents for a replacement.

So now we wait to see if the loss of Jack Cook affects our second half of the season or if other players step up to the mark and maintain the team’s performance…


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