Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 19 – Season 2 Cup Finals


I’m struggling to see a way of building any further suspense for the results of each of the cups so I’m just going to make this a good news post to finish the season off…


So there we go. Not a surprise after my introduction to the post but great news nevertheless. Also, we have given the board no room to be disappointed and even think about replacing us as manager which is certainly good because even I am on an amateur contract here and so my job security can never reach completely untouchable because they can in theory get rid of me at no cost to the club. But like I say we’re far from that at the moment and we are still bringing success.

Cup Final Matches In Focus

Parsons Challenge Cup: Surprisingly even and very scrappy match which hopefully isn’t down to our players letting the pressure get to them on the big occasion. But luckily we grabbed the win, and I do mean luckily as the winning goal was fittingly scrappy and was a tap in from a rebound from a good edge of the box effort.

Tester Challenge Cup: Another fairly poor game, especially for a cup final which only adds to my worries that the current crop of players aren’t rising to the big occasion. This match wasn’t as scrappy and was still even, however few real chances were created by either team. The fans weren’t denied a spectacle though as it came down to penalties and of course I’d already had to take my best penalty takes by a long way off because of age related stamina issues (he’s 38). After a tense start to the shoot-out where both teams first takers missed, we emerged eventual winners 5-4.

Mid Sussex Junior Cup: Finally a good final performance from our team and plenty of fans were there to witness it with a gate busting attendance of 429. All goals in this match came from crosses or corners which is at least is going towards proving that the crossing tactic is still a suitable one. Jordan Nuttell continues a seasons impressive scoring form with two goals which was added to by Jordon Roberts and a memorable first goal from Sam Gore, one of our only long serving players.


So now, trying to avoiding putting a downer on this seasons great achievements, the following posts will follow the progress of our attempts to fend off bigger teams in their bids for our best players. Hopefully our achievements and raise in reputation will convince a few more players to stay than last season, but time will tell…


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