Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 20 – Season 2 Review & Awards Plus Transfer Beginnings


You’ve already seen that we have had another successful season but to tie things of nicely, I’ll present the end of season review and the end of season player awards for the 2016/16 season…


Maybe a name that may surprise you as player of the season although you will have seen his name in the matches in focus as goalscorer and provider a few times but as a midfielder he wasn’t all over every single article. However, clearly his average match ratings and performances have been top quality this year, often actively running the centre of the pitch whilst the experienced head and slightly knackered legs of David Rainford anchored it solidly.

FM33.pngA few things of note here are mainly in the bottom right hand corner of this screenshot and are that the average attendance hasn’t changed since last season, hopefully this is just down to the reputation of the leagues at this level are not much different so more fans haven’t been attracted by just one promotion and that we’ll see some attendance rise eventually. Also once again we have the highest number of players used, which is once again due to players continuing to be subject to transfers from bigger teams well into the season but as it’s not affecting our success and amateur contracts are still helping our finances, it’s not a big issue.


FM36.pngMost of the leavers to this point are quite notable but I’ll go through them briefly. Right winger Troy Johnston as you can see above was voted by the fans, the second best player for us this season so he is a big loss.

Billy Jeffreys and Paul Summerskill were really only backup players so aside from the annoyance of having to find lost of new players, losing these is no big problem. However right back Ellis Myles was one of our better players and also was only 23 years old and goalkeeper James Bransgrove was also a key player as he was a quality goalkeeper for this level. So defensively we have been noticeably weakened but we have brought in Miles Smith as a replacement right back who is also excellent and Jack Giddens as a backup keeper whilst we are bring up Bojan Tetek from the reserves to be next seasons first team keeper.

In attack, the other creative right midfielder who had been with us since the start of season 1, Greg Hackett has also moved on so although we have brought in Sam Kamara in this position, we are still going to be on the lookout for another right winger. Although we’re not light on the striker position, James Lemon leaving has left a gap for a new striker which I have decided to offer the opportunity to recently released from AFC Wimbledon Jayden Antwi-Nyame who will hopefully be in and around the first team. Also as hopefully one for the future, Phil Smith will hopefully be able to develop in our youth teams at Keymer & Hassocks.

I’m sure I will be receiving many more transfer offers and firing out bids to pick up replacement players so keep your eyes peeled for the latest news on that coming up…


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