Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 24 – Terrible Headlines, Great For Us


I’m sure over the course of your own managerial journeys and stories, you’ve seen your fair share of odd newspaper clippings and headlines in your inbox. I know I’ve seen a few but this season at Keymer and Hassocks FC, we seem to have picked up a few players that are giving the journalists a field day creating cheesy headlines…FM35.png


I’m going to be honest, I was rather tired when I read that second headline and it did take me longer than it should’ve done to figure it out. But in my defence, it is a pretty awful headline…

But both headlines came about because both of our strikers finding great form and great scoring form. They’ve certainly been keeping us firing and sitting comfortably back at the top of the league after slipping to our first loss last time cost us the top spot for a week or two.

Next time, we’ll be finishing off the Mid Sussex Football League Division 8 season and finding out whether we can achieve our aim of gaining a third successive promotion…


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