Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 27 – Season 3 Awards & Transfers Update


After another successful season, we reach the last club event before the players and some of the staff go away for their annual holiday period. That event is of course the players awards evening for the season…FM43.png

So the two first team strikers took the glory in terms of the main award of the season in the form of the fan’s player of the season.

Charlie Henry apparently scored the goal of the season from the wing (I can’t remember it if I’m honest). Which also is a reasonable feat of achievement because he didn’t play anywhere near as many games as a lot of other players.

Central Midfielder Louis Birch also had a great season, proving himself to be the best signing of the season by coming 3rd in the fans player of the season award.

I would also speculate that the reason that the defensive players didn’t feature in any awards and perhaps didn’t stand out in terms of performance or otherwise is because the defensive lineup was subject to change a lot throughout the season due to free transfers away from the club and injuries at unfortunate times.



Up to the point where I wrote this update, there amazingly had been no outward transfers, which I don’t know how long that trend will last but I certainly won’t complain if it lasts til well into next season. However it does mean that I brought in a few players in anticipation of losing a lot, and we haven’t lost any yet so we currently have a very large squad.

But onto the players that we’ve brought in, and firstly Shane Spice was just a player who was part of our youth intake that i was too slow to sign up and therefore it became a transfer that had to wait to go through til the end of the season, and I should have just let him go really, he almost certainly will never feature in this team I’m afraid.

Gareth Pullin, Matt Murray and Matt Casey are all very young strikers that are currently at a superb level for the youth team, so hopefully one or more of them will stick around and step up to the first team over the next few seasons.

Andy Hillman is a central defender that has a lot of promise and I’m hoping he will stay at the club for a long time to come. He currently has a very acceptable ability for the first team and as such will be introduced to the first team fairly immediately, but also has a great deal of potential, which hopefully with our help he will fulfill.

And Finally, Robbie Marshall who I will feature below…

FM46.pngHe was actually released by Ipswich Town’s youth system but as you can see, he still has great ability for this level and incredible potential to play way way above this level. It’s certainly going to be difficult to keep hold of Marshall if he plays as well as he should do, but hopefully he will believe in our system and that Keymer and Hassocks will be able to help him reach his goals whilst he helps us reach our goals.

Over the coming days we will discover if we actually manage to hold onto our best players over the close season for the first time ever…


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