Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 28 – Start of Season 4 Transfer Update & Expectations


Last time out I showed you that so far our squad hadn’t been decimated by bigger clubs snapping up our players from their amateur contracts, for once. And actually, compared to previous seasons it has carried on that way and although we have lost a few players which I am about to show, we have managed to keep a very decent squad together mostly…FM48.pngFirstly, two of the players that have left the club didn’t make an appearance for the club, so not big losses at all. Ryan Hope had some potential to be a good goalkeeper but so does our current first team goalkeeper so still not a great loss. Scott Chalmers-Stevens did make a few appearances for the first team but also found himself down the pecking order for the last year or so.

Also there have been a few inward transfers since last time but as no really big players have left the club, no really big players have been brought in since. So these players are players for the future and although they may feature in the first tea occasionally but probably won’t become regular names for a few seasons, if they stay around that long of course.

So apologies for a boring transfer period so far, but at least we are beginning to get a more consistent team together and this will surely have performance benefits.

Season 4 Expectations:


It’s getting more and more predictable what our board expects of us each season… Yes they do indeed want us to win everything again. But if we do manage to achieve promotion again this season, it will be the last year that we play in couple of those cups so it would be nice to win them for one last time anyway.

I hope you’ll join me next time where the preseason friendlies will be done and season 4 will be started in the Mid Sussex Football League Division 7…


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