Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 31 – An Odd Transfer


Now, losing players to bigger, more reputable clubs has been a recurring and slightly annoying feature of our time at this club. But it is at least understandable why a player would leave given the opportunity to play at a higher level and maybe even earn some wages. One of our long serving players, however, had a different attitude towards his career direction it seems…FM51.png

Yes it seems our long serving left back Sam Gore certainly had other ideas. AFC Bolnore are in the league below us, and what’s more is they’re not even in the hunt for promotion from that league and we’re already guaranteed promotion. So I decided to have a deeper look into his contract in case what’s shown above was misleading, but no AFC Bolnore aren’t paying him any wages at all either. And just as it’s worth mentioning Sam Gore was in our starting line up and played almost every single match up to this point. I don’t know whatever the opposite of ambitious is but it seems to me that this it the perfect example of it.

So at some point the search for a new left back will begin, but probably not until after the cup finals have taken place. And that’s what I’ll be bringing to you next time, I hope you join me…


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