Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 32 – Season 4 Cups


It’s becoming a given each year that we reach all of the cup finals, and I certainly hope that this continues for many years to come. So without further ado, let’s get into the matter of this years cup finals and their outcomes…FM18-19Cups.png

Three cup wins again! with a friendly win in between jut for completeness.

So the prize money is all adding up by this stage and we actually do have enough money to be upgrading our training or youth facilities. However, as upgrading facilities means that they cost more per year in maintenance. As the board are not willing to consider applying for professional status at the moment, players cannot be kept at the club by contracts and also we won’t get any money from compensation or transfer fees for players. So to me, at this stage upgrading facilities won’t be a worthwhile spend of money and will only negatively affect finances. If we can achieve promotion again and again over the net few seasons and reach the Mid Sussex Football League Premier Division, then these upgrades will probably be making a start.

Anyway onto  a few of the cup finals in more detail…

Parsons Challenge Cup vs. East Grinstead Mavericks:

An odd match in the sense that we had slightly less possession but more than double the chances, shots and shots on target. So as keeping possession isn’t really a crucial point of our tactics, I deemed this to be a good performance, especially considering the good finishing leading to the good result. The goals came from Dan Perry, who chipped in with two, Jayden Antwi-Nyame and centre back Andy Hillman, who seems to have a great knack for scoring from corners with both his head and his feet.

Mid Sussex Junior Cup vs. AFC Bolnore:

This was one of the best matches I’ve seen in my time at this club with neither team shying away from the occasion and both teams trying for the win. If you remember from the last post, this is the team that our former left back Sam Gore left to join, surprisingly, but unfortunately he got injured in the run up to the final and thus played no part in a match against his old team. Antwi-Nyame got us of to a good start but we were quickly pegged back level. The stand in for the injured Dan Perry, Matt Murray made good on his opportunity, scoring 2 goals to put us 3-1 up and true to the spirit of the game, AFC Bolnore didn’t give up and pulled back what turned out to be a consolation goal in added time.

And just one further not to give hims his due credit, Jayden Antwi-Nyame played a key part in all of our goals by scoring 1 and assisting 2.

So as the season has come to a complete close, next post we will be analysing the end of season review and enjoying the player awards for this season…


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