Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 33 – Season 4 Awards and Some Interesting News


So after another successful season here at Keymer and Hassocks F.C, we arrive at the well earned end of season awards night. Some players will get awards, others will just get drunk, but let’s find out…FM54.png

The strikers still seem to be capturing the fans imaginations as both Dan Perry and Jayden Antwi-Nyame getting voted in the top 3 for the fan’s player of the season again, with the former actually winning the award. And I can understand why with the performances they’ve been putting in and the regular supply of goals.

The fact that Matt Murray won the signing of the season award shows how the transfer situation went this season, and in a good way. Because we only lost a few players to other clubs, we only had to sign promising young players and the odd backup player and Matt Murray stepped into the fold and stepped up to the mark well when we suffered our injury crisis in the striker position.

Now an interesting development that I wasn’t really expecting…


Yes, a takeover is apparently in the pipeline all of a sudden. I did actually see that the status of the owner or chairman was only ‘happy to stay at the club’ so despite our excellent performances and incredible rise up the league system, he clearly isn’t in love with the club anymore. The current board have caused us a few issues with a slight lack of ambition with regards to board requests, and this along with the fact that £300k is changing hands which hopefully means the new investor will have the money and willingness to spend to really take this club forward.

The future looks very bright!

So until the next season sees us start of Mid Sussex Football League Division 6 campaign, keep your eyes peeled for any posts that will be updates on the transfer situation…


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