Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 39 – Unfortunate Transfers


Yep the transfers are back, along with all the trouble they cause…

and two fairly key players have been lured away, this time one on fairly big wages that put us out of the running for getting him back, at least for a few seasons…So who’s left Keymer and Hassocks for pastures new…

FM70.pngDavid Tetteh who has been in and out between us and AFC Bolnore a few times has finally left for bigger things. And he really was a great player so on one hand I can’t blame him but on the other, he is a big loss to our team.

FM71.pngDanny Allen hasn’t been a nailed on first team regular this season but that’s because all our central midfielders are roughly around the same level of ability so we’ve been rotating them. He is certainly a good player and at 20 years old, losing him is an unfortunate knock for this team when looking to the future.

We also lost a youth player in the form of attacking right midfielder Rab Craig who also left for no wages like Allen. Now although it is easier to get players back in positions like this, now that we can offer players appearance fees and bonuses, they are all asking for them. So I have looked into getting both of these players back and they are both asking for too much money, basically. So we won’t be getting these players back anytime soon, but I have added them to my shortlist so hopefully they can make another appearance somewhere down the line.

Stay tuned into these posts to find out how Mid Sussex Football League Division 4 goes for Keymer and Hassocks…


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