Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 36 – We’re Back!


First of all, I apologise for not posting in such a long time, things got really busy unfortunately. But I’m back now and ready to get rattling through some promotions, so let’s get on with it…

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Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 35 – Season 5


So we arrive at the beginning of yet another new season in yet another new league. Although as every new league has been one higher up the structure, there will be no complaints on that front.


Even though the friendly fixture performances fizzled out just as we came to the start of the competitive matches, we still managed to get of to a very good start to The Mid Sussex Football League Division 6 with five consecutive wins. And all in all the first half of the season has gone more or less to plan. There were few matches that turned out to be closer than I would’ve liked in the early rounds of the cups but the final scores are all that matters in the cups, and as we’re still in the hat for each of the cups, everything is still very much okay.

Some matches in focus

vs. East Grinstead Meads (Smmerville Cup): Great performance for the first competitive match this campaign. We were massively dominant with 60% – 40& possession and 18 shots to their 2 shots stats. Strikers Harvey Bradbury and Jacob Bell got off to scoring starts to the season with 1 and 2 goals respectively and right midfielder Jack Ball completed the scoring.

vs. Maresfield Village: Scoring opened apparently by an own goal from their goalkeeper but it was really more of a deflection from some 6 yard box mayhem. Their equaliser came as a bit of a shock in the 55th minute as we were firmly in control. And there was some great late drama as Jayden Antwi-Nyame won it for us in the 87th minute with a fantastic long range goal from nearly 40 yards out.

So also another strong start to another season and only one real spanner in the works which comes again in the form of players on amateur contracts being tempted away from the club. Just in case you couldn’t guess what the spanner in the works would be by now. As you have seen, it hasn’t knocked the team off their stride but nevertheless, next time I will reveal which players have had their heads turned and are off to pastures new…

Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 34 – End of Season 4 Transfer Update


Last season we actually managed to hold on to the majority of our players during the transfer period for the first time, and we didn’t really lose a key player at all until further into the season. But can that particular feat repeat itself this season… Continue reading Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 34 – End of Season 4 Transfer Update