Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 25 – Season 3 Conclusion


Even though the first half of this season brought about our first loss in any competitive match, it has nevertheless been another good start. We were still sat at the top of the table, in great position for promotion but it remains to be seen whether or not we maintained the performance levels and held our nerve to see out the task…FM17-18SecondHalf.png

As you can see we got our second loss this season as well but seemingly in exchange for draws. In previous seasons we have seen somewhere in the region of 5 draws but this season we haven’t seen that figure. This is probably down to the more expressive and attacking tactics that I introduced in response to claims that the fans were slightly disappointed in the quality of football on show. Since that concern has gone away, I can live with a few losses each season, as long as we still achieve our goals.

A few matches in focus:

vs. Cuckfield Rangers III (Malins Challenge Cup): The last competitive match before this cup tie was a loss so to avoid the players going in with bad morale, I organized a friendly with a nearby team, which luckily we won (not that we won by luck, we played well). This seemed to do the trick as we played very well in the cup tie, with plenty of chances and more than enough goals to win the match.

vs. Lindfield III: This was the match where we clinched the league title and by a good, professional performance too. We had more possession, more chances and more shots & shots on target. Goals came from our strikers, Jayden Antwi-Nyame and Dan Perry, which was fitting to win us the league due to their consistent performances all season long.

Once again, we reached the finals of all the cups on offer, so next time is the cup final glory or not update…


2 thoughts on “Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 25 – Season 3 Conclusion

  1. I think this series is great and looks brilliant to see how far you get overall over time as im doing the same challenge also about to enter mid sussex div 7 as well really enjoying so far!


    1. Thanks man. Yeah it would be great to get all the way to the Premier League but that will take sooooo long. Although I am planning to keep this going even when FM17 is out if people are still reading it. I’d be interested to keep hearing about your progress and good luck with it!


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