Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 5 – It Was Only A Matter of Time


Yes it was indeed only a matter of time before the amateur contracts began to cause their trouble. So far we have avoided the vultures of bigger teams quite well and we’ve only had one player approached by another team. It was actually Louis Ezewele, one of our young centre backs with good potential and by some miracle he chose to stay.

But now…


If you remember, Jim was actually our scout who wasn’t really a scout, so we were already in a fairly desperate situation with staff. But now as he was offered his preferred role at a much bigger club, Carlton who are in the Ev0-Stick First Division South, he has jumped ship and rather left us in the lurch a bit.

Luckily our squad seems to be performing well enough in this division and new players won’t be desperately needed for us to succeed this season. But I do like to always be looking out for good additions to the squad as one of the advantages of amateur contracts is that new additions don’t cost you any wages.

So the search for a new scout begins and let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of the bigger clubs ravaging my team…


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