Pub Team to Manager’s Dream Part 21 – Coaching Skills Progress


I’ve meant to post this update or news for quite a while now, but I keep getting carried away with the football itself. However I have been improving my coaching ability through the coaching badge system which hopefully will be of use to our players and help them develop. This may be more noticeable when we go for semi-professional and professional status as we be able to get the players on part time or full time contracts where they will be training much more than on amateur contracts. But my reason for trying to get through the coaching badges this early on is that the club is currently in great financial position and so the board will be more willing to fund my coaching badges but as the seasons go on, I plan to spend some money on improving our facilities and/or youth intake which will temporarily worsen finances.


Coaching badges reduce training efficiency, so I have started one coaching badge towards the end of each season so that most of the duration of the coaching qualification is whilst the team are away on holiday during the off season and training doesn’t matter at all.


This is the effect it has had on my actual attributes and I believe it’s only the coaching attributes that are increased by completed coaching badges (makes sense, clues in the name) but the mental attributes apparently increase over time naturally as with players.

I also left more of the screen in this screenshot just to show a little bit more what type of a manager I am. Although one thing to note is the low ratings for loyalty to players and managing finances because really these are not down to my management. The low loyalty to players is because they keep leaving us not that I keep selling them. And managing finances is looking worrying low because I can’t be under budget as we have no budget so I’m constantly just on budget.

And this post has just delayed the inevitable incoming transfer bad news post but I don’t think I can delay it any more and it’ll probably be the next post. I hope to see you back for that…


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